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At the Guildhall, London, to-day George Charles Harries 38 , who stated that he was Baron Valde and related to a Marquis, was remanded on a charge of being concerned with another man not in custoby with obtaining sums of money from a. The allegation was that the accused obtained advances upon the reversion of a will, giving an assignment, although the interests had already been assigned. Among those present were Mr D. Powell, Cathays Mr John Griffiths.

east coast cuba cot bed - white & medium wood East coast cuba cot bed - white & medium wood

Allgood, Cazdiff and the secretary Mr Morgan Thomas. Letters of regret for absence were received from Mr and Mrs D. Lee, and Mr Lewis Davies. After the passing of a vote of condolence with Mrs Gladstone and the family reported in another column it was decided owing to the unfortunate coal strike to postpone the annual meeting for the present, the Executive to meet again in a month's time, Official Starting Prices. Day's Merv, Form, Georgic, and Acmena went a mile and a quarter.

Marsh's Nunsuch and Needle Case negotiated a mile. On the Bury side, J.

The Spaniards claim to have reduced the Cinco Villas to order, and, so far as holding possession of the towns and dispersing the larger bands, they have done so; but many small detachments still hold their ground, and nothing like the security which we look for in a civilized country in a state of peace exists. In the Spirit of the Ancestors. The sights and sounds of this great burgeoning metropolis must have been overwhelming to a young man fresh from a relatively sheltered life as a teacher and then Government clerk.

Gibbons's Sati galloped a mile Lysander and Purser followed. Leader's Flavius and M. Baldwin, and Lady Ernie galloped a mile. Webb's Canter, Myrto, Bridegroom, and Malum a had a similar gallop. Waugh's Restored, Forcett, and King Hampton galloped a mile.

Watson's Cretan, Belle and Rodomel went a similar gallop. Golding's Somatose, Love Wisely, and Glenlara went six fur- longs. Dumbarton, Ortenbnrg, Grafton Belle. If you want the certain winner of the May Handicap at Windsor to-morrow Saturday. Send Is for England's special telegram. Only one-horse will be sent, but this is such a good thing that I guarantee everyone the absolute winner or you can have your money returned. England, Upton Park, Essex. So send 24 stamps to-night for to-morrow's fear nothing telegram, and also 7 stamps for next week's paper, but if unsuccessful we shall send selections for all four days next week for Manchester entirely free.

Every sportsman in Cardiff and district should post Is 6d quick for my special telegram to-morrow. Other sweepstakes to follow. Whit-Monday, May 30th, Cheap tickets will be issued from all stations on the Rhondda and Swansea Bay Railway. A special train will leave Treherbert for Swansea at 9. The list of entries this year is better than ever.

Free to honourable sportsmen forwarding a stamped sddrowd-ouvolope. There is little doubt that if the Derby were to be run over again to-morrow, next Wednesday, or for any number of succeeding Wednesdays, with the same field as that which went to the post, a different winner would crop up every time. It would almost seem as if the fates were as. He has magnificent shoul- j ders and a grand top, but below the knees he is faulty to a degree.

Yet the necessary bone is f present, and had he been on view in the paddock several would,from looks alone and on the chance of his putting heart into his work, have lent mild support. The total vaule of the prize isE4, if. In the Ascot Stakes, the weights for which are published, The Rush is top weight with 9st 61b, and although the performance of Mr Dobell's horse in the Chester Cup was a smart one, it would surprise many good judges if he were found capable of giving b to Comfrev 8st b , or 14lb to History 8st 61b over this course.

Jeddah, the Derby winner 8st 41b , has already seven engagements at the Ascot Meeting, and will in all probability shirk this one and St.

Bris 8st 3ib , Telescope 7st b , Nunsuch 7st 91b , Tyro 6st 71b , Bato 6st , and Chubb 6st have earlier opportunity of meeting in the Manchester Cop, in which their handicapping is very similar. The pick of the handicap seem to be History, Comfrev, Jaquemart 8st b , and Laughing Girl 7st b. Ward, who is no rela- tion to any branch of the Dudley family, gave 4,gs.

Mr Ward was induced to let the horss take his chance in the Derby, with the result known. Mr Ward has his own way of doing things. Not JO long ago he gave gs.

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  • If Dunlop had disgraced himself on Wednesday, who knows but he might have been a corpse now? Presbyterian College, pre- siding. The Clerk Mr T. Powell, solicitor, Llandiloj read a copv of a petition sent to the senate 01 the Welsh University praying for the confirmation of an honorary M.

    Holme, principal of the Carmarthen Girls' School, seeing that they had no hope of obtaining from their alma mater Cam- bridge the recognition to which their learning should entitle them. It is alleged by the University presidents that the extension movement is dying out, but this is denied.

    A public conference on the subject is to be held in Cambridge in July.

    east coast cuba cot bed - white & medium wood East coast cuba cot bed - white & medium wood

    The graces to confer honorary degrees upon the submitted list of distinguished persons have all now passed, and the degrees will probably be conferred on June 15th. Cite Share District Intelligence.

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    It is gratifying to note the interest which the public take in the work which it being done amongst the youth of the town, and amongst tho spectators on Wednesday night could be seen several Volunteer officers and prominent citizens. After the drill the brigade marched through the town to the TownHaH where they dismissed. Horn president in the chair.

    An interesting discussion on Tha Y. Edwards, and 1 several persons participated in it. Jose, it was resolved to seek a loan of , in respect of the gas and water undertaking, this being part of a sum of , which the Council are empowered to borrow LLANELLY.

    The family has resided at Mountain Ash over a quarter of a century. Deceased, who lost her husband four years ago, was highly respected. She leaves five sons and two daughters. The eldest son, Mr W. Davies, was only recently appointed manager to Messrs Nixon's collieries at Mountain Ash. The other sons are the Rev.

    The daughters reside at home. The funeral takes place on Saturday at Mountain Ash. The Mayor gave S10 10s. Friends please accept this the only intimation. Shepherd, 51, Claude-road, Cardiff, aged 19 years. Funeral Saturday, 4 p. Funeral Wednesday, 2 p. Friends kindly accept this intimation. Shop, Villa, and Cottage Property for sale, grand bargains. Established Hand Laundry, freehold property. Rents collected and property managed 2o years' experience.

    Furniture and tradesmen's surplus stocks sold at Bees's Barry CenSral Auction hooms advances made or furniture bonc'it In large or small quantities. Hochkins, 30, Cleveland- street, Wolverhampton. Mil ton-street, off Castle-road 5s weekly. SHOP, , Clare-road goo!

    American Troops Start at Last. San Francisco yesterday for the ppines earned 2. A Admiral Dewey and the Germans.

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  • She accompanies the monitor onterey, and carries 4, tons of coal. The onterey will be ready in five days. The following evening the er steamed towards Cienfuegos and destroyed blockhouses. The insurgents, who were by prearrangement, had a lively fight with Spanish force.

    The Spanish Army in Cuba. He reports that there is a great scarcity of provisions in Havana. There are, he says, no fO'Wer than , troops under arms in the and at Matanzas, while 60, men are patrolling the northern coast of Cuba. It is believed that large quantities of supplies for the Atnerican troops now being despatched to Manila wll be purchased at Hong Kong. It was decided that the Minister for War should be exclusively re- sponsible for the defence of France, Corsica, Algeria, and Tunis, while the Minister of Marine BhOuld protect the French coast and all the exterior possessions.

    The Minister of Colonies gives way to the military and Naval authorities. Laws and decrees embodying the above arrange, toents will shortly be published -Reuter. I Spanish Rule in Cuba. I A special correspondent, cabling from New York, says: A second expedition to fo,nilb, will start on Saturday from San Francisco. Mr Holland, inventor of a submarine beat, has bffered to go to Santiago and sink the Spanish fleet.

    The Spanish declare this passenger to be an agent of the Blockading Fleet.



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