baby furniture sleigh cot bed Baby furniture sleigh cot bed

By Hannah Verdier In a nutshell A classic looking cotbed design, which becomes a stylish piece of furniture you can use as a sofa when baby grows up Pros Stylish, flexible - converts from cotbed to junior bed to sofa, sturdy Cons Large so you'll need a big nursery, mattress not included Compare deals from top retailers MadeForMums Preferred Partner Our review BabyStyle is proud of its high quality products and it's clear that the Hollie Sleigh-Bed cotbed is made for lovers of traditional design who don't mind splashing out on a product that will last longer than your average cotbed.

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  • The BabyStyle Hollie Sleigh-Bed cotbed is described as not just a cot, but as a striking piece of furniture. And that's certainly true.

    baby furniture sleigh cot bed Baby furniture sleigh cot bed

    It starts out life as a cotbed with a two-position drop side rail, then can also be used as a junior bed with a nifty side rail. And when your baby grows out of it, you can use it as a small sofa. The design is classic and pretty, rather than modern and edgy, particularly when you see it in the walnut or country pine finish.

    What we love Because the BabyStyle Hollie Sleigh-Bed cotbed is available in three colours, you can choose your look, whether it's wood or white.

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    And it looks absolutely lovely. There's no mistaking that this isn't just a cotbed, it's a piece of furniture. Even if I wasn't looking for somewhere for my baby to sleep I might still buy it as it makes a really pretty mini sofa. The BabyStyle Hollie Sleigh-Bed cotbed is quick to assemble, despite the instructions being difficult to follow. Once we ignored them and just used logic instead, things got a bit easier!

    From coordinating furniture sets to individual handmade pieces, all the elements of the perfect nursery for Mums and Dads are here. A mattress will not be included with the cot.

    We tested the BabyStyle Hollie Sleigh-Bed cotbed with the sides at their highest as our 9-month-old baby is just starting to get the hang of standing up in bed and indeed trying to get out. There was clearly no danger of her succeeding though, as it felt safe and sturdy. Her habit of chewing everything was also satisfied without ruining the cot, as it has a delicious teething protector on the top bar. To help keep the nursery tidy, there's an optional storage drawer underneath, which is a good size for storing blankets and baby sleeping bags.

    baby furniture sleigh cot bed Baby furniture sleigh cot bed

    What to watch out for If you're trying to fit your baby and all her belongings into a small flat, the BabyStyle Hollie Sleigh-Bed cotbed is not the right choice for you!

    It's large, tall and imposing. But if you're lucky to have a big enough nursery to carry it off, it's great.

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  • That space really comes in handy as she grows, but might seem a bit daunting when so small. This isn't a budget option - it's for someone who doesn't mind paying extra for a pretty design.

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  • Fans of traditional, beautiful design - with a big house!



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