nursery cot Nursery cot

So when you move baby to their own room, their cot will be familiar, which can make the transition easier. The open sides and ends give the Carolina Cot a light, airy feel and allow you to check on your baby easily. The antique finish will complement a modern or more traditionally styled nursery. The Carolina Cot is supplied complete with a mattress. Would you recommend this to other mums?

nursery cot Nursery cot

I loved the compact nature of this cot, so would recommend it on that quality alone. The only downside was that it was not able to be folded or transported. However, it did come complete with a mattress so there is no need for extra expenditure. This is excellent, as mattresses can be really pricey on their own.

How did this product make your life easier? Life was made easier as I was able to squeeze the Carolina Space-Saving Cot into any corner of the room, rather than having to designate a large space for a bulky cot.

The compact length was perfect for what we needed. Also, storing the cot for use with future children will be easy down to its size. Would you choose this product to win? I would choose this cot to win as the colour and finish are very smart - the white coating looks crisp and fresh in a nursery or bedroom. The smaller size makes it very compact, but you might struggle when your baby gets to around two-years-old, it is then a tight squeeze.

What changes would you make to this product? It would be really handy if the sides of the cot could be dropped or removed to make it easier to reach baby.

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  • Otherwise the cot is fabulous value for money. I would recommend this cot to every mum.

    nursery cot Nursery cot

    It is the perfect size for a baby and is a great space saver. It's very easy to assemble and the water-resistant mattress makes the whole design very hygienic. It is a perfect size for our small bedroom, but still very spacious for baby — win, win. It's also easy to put up and down and I like the adjustable height. We also used it in the living room for naps and it fit perfectly. I wish I had known about this product earlier.

    It's compact, very good quality and comfortable for baby. I would definitely choose it over my current cot bed! I'm happy with everything about this product.

    Be sure to check out our weekly package deals on our product listing page and 3 for 2 Prior to delivery, all of our equipment is checked for safety and sanitized by the careful hands of experienced grandparents us! The best part about moKee is hearing from our customers and how the products look and work in your nurseries. Once your baby is over a year old, you may wish to use a quilt instead of blankets and sheets.

    I would recommend this cot over a Moses basket for example, as it is easier to feed baby in and you can move it from room to room. I do think that the mattress could be a little thicker though.

    The ease of setting it up is a bonus and the instructions are very helpful.

    Sunshine babies is a family run baby equipment hire company on the costa blanca. Its simple design would suit any nursery but be aware that its simplicity does mean it lacks slightly in functionality.

    The space saving aspect is unbeatable! It would be great if this cot had teething rails on the top, to stop older babies biting down on it. I would recommend this product for the first few months after a child has moved on from a Moses basket.

    The mattress seemed very comfortable and my son slept soundly on it. It was lightweight and a great size.

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  • The design is simple and it was easy to assemble. As a single mother, having a product that is easy to assemble is key. I did not get stressed at all and managed to work it out single-handedly.

    The size of the cot was ideal for the limited space available in my room and I felt reassured having my son sleeping so close to me.

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  • It was also easy to carry around the house too for naps in different rooms. I would if it was a bit cheaper. I do love the product and felt reassured by the open design which enabled me to check on my son throughout the night, and if it was a lower price I would choose this product to win. Being able to lower the sides would make life easier as it would be gentler on my back.

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    I find it hard to bend down so low all the time. The price of this product is the main reason I would recommend it to other mums. This is a great deal. The only thing is that the mattress is slightly thin and will only last until baby is of a certain weight or age.

    This is an all-in-one product as both cot and mattress arrive together in one package. The cot saves so much space and makes our lives so much easier. However, that is not the case for me. I personally felt that my month-old girl looked very large in this space saving cot and outgrew it quickly. This made getting my heavy month-old girl in and out difficult and is a feature that could be improved upon.



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