cot mattress for twins Cot mattress for twins
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  • Converts to a Junior Bed: Natural We chose the Henley cotbeds in cream from Toys R Us after seeing them in one of their shops and would recommend them. The matching chest of drawers not so much, as that thing has been a nightmare from the get go.

    We got it as it was a deal at the time for a bed and the chest of drawers for a nice price, but a year later and a bag of nails drawers kept falling out etc it's still here, but once the changing table isn't needed anymore that will be straight out the door to recycling for sure. But the beds are great.

    cot mattress for twins Cot mattress for twins

    Easy to put together, sturdy, can be used from birth which we did. They did look a tad lost in them at the beginning, but settled almost immediately.

    We made sure we followed the advise in regards to feet at the ends and they dozed off in no time.

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    Ours sleep next to each other in their own beds with enough space between them. They now wake up babbling to one another through the bars.

    Click here to learn more about the book and get your copy. I also think my nesting instinct is kicking in even more so now and I'm really cleaning everything 1 like.

    The beds have 3 base settings, which you change when you notice it's needed. Best things is to change the setting the minute you start suspecting it's time.

    Dropping the base down is quick and easy to do, my husband did it in no time each time. When the bars aren't needed anymore, you take them off, put the base back in middle setting and take side pieces off the ends to get to the right legs and you have a first bed.

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  • I personally like the look of the beds as the light colour means they aren't too dominating in the room there are after all 2 of them. Toys R Us delivered them to us, which meant no hassle getting them home. At the time our first order did go missing, part of it was returned to Toys R Us if I remember correctly one bed went missing completely , but their customer service was helpful with trying to find out where it was and chasing the courier although finding the customer service telephone number was hard.

    We did have to re-order the items after all our money was refunded, but when I mentioned the deal which was done by that time, they gave us a voucher to use so we still had the same goods for the same money we paid at first in the end. Debby Addison-Robbe Why not join our Facebook community?

    cot mattress for twins Cot mattress for twins

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