cot bed quilt cover pink Cot bed quilt cover pink

Originally Posted by katie n 62 im 6 months pregnant and starting to look at bedding. We are buying a cot bed and looking at girly pink bedding in pastle pinks for the room.

cot bed quilt cover pink Cot bed quilt cover pink

Im confused of what to buy, cotbed quilt, quilt, bumper fitted sheets etc. Ive found a couple but not sure if they are suitable for when they first go into the cot?

I would like to use grow bags but also will have a quilt incase she does not like growbags. Couple of things to remember about the guidelines for baby's bedding; 1. Duvets and quilts are not recommended for under 1yr old. This is due to baby over heating and not being able to regulate their own temp until they are much older.

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They can't kick a duvet off. Although bumpers are readily available in all stores they have also been linked to SIDS; reason because they don't allow air to circulate around the cot matress, and also baby could roll over and get their face stuck against them.

Once you have decided on these core items, you can look to finish off the nursery with co-ordinating furniture - chest of drawers and rocking chair maybe, and add soft touches with a soft cushion, cuddle robes, sleep suits and wall art, for that perfect matching look. Featuring cute elephants enjoying the rainy showers under a bright pink umbrella See more Decorate your little one's bedroom with our adorable crowns cot duvet cover set.

This is what I did. I had a moses bed it came with our travel system , you need special sized moses sheets. A few will do but remember you do wash them regularly.

I used to fold a muslin and put one under face level and one under bum level to help if their nappy leaked or if they were sick. You can get plastic matress protectors but they make baby sweat. When Lo went into a cotbed, I bought plain fitted cotbed sheets. These are great, my matress had a removable protector on that I can wash at 60 degrees.

Featuring colourful jungle animals set on a white background, this whimsical duvet set is perfect for a jungle themed bedroom. We are buying a cot bed and looking at girly pink bedding in pastle pinks for the room.

I always used cellular blankets; when Lo was tiny you can add and take off layers as you need them, this helps regulate baby's temp. Baby sleeping bags are great, they are only recommended for baby's over 7lbs and you need the right tog for the time of year, i. You might like to swaddle baby when brand new in a cellular blanket in the moses bed to help keep baby feeling warm and secure.

Pre-packed bundles can be over-priced. Especially if you really want a bumper as it'll only be used until baby can roll. I personally would recommend air-wrap bumpers, check amazon.

cot bed quilt cover pink Cot bed quilt cover pink

Breathable material means no risk to baby's safety while sleeping and cannot be stood on when they are older as they collapse. I bought John Lewis cheap brand sheets, they are very good quality.

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  • DD is 17 months and still using the same sheets she had when first in her cotbed at 4 months. They wash well, as do their cellular blankets.

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  • In the very cold months she also had a thick fleecy pram blanket on her in the night when the heating was off.



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