cot into toddler bed Cot into toddler bed
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  • If you clicked on this post because of the title, I need to stop you right here. Once it became obvious that the needs of the child would be better served by allowing some freedom, you would still force the issue by purchasing an crib tent designed for this purpose or duct taping your child to the mattress not a real recommendation. For my two older children, this day of no turning back happened right around age three.

    Some real world been-there-done-that tips: Wait as long as you can.

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  • And then a little longer. Get the child excited about bedding and stuffies and what this transition means. Do a dry run. We practiced a few times getting in bed and saying goodnight before real bedtime.

    Also, how can we see a return to a child who used to sleep for 12 hours every night? The length I used was 56 inches which left a slight overage on the ends. With a strict night time routine that works really well , we wanted to try and still make bedtime enjoyable and have a bed that he'd want to sleep in, so being a passionate Disney Pixar 'Cars' fan it seemed a 'no brainer' to try a Cars 2 Lightning McQueen toddler bed from Worlds Apart.

    If you have space and are not in a rush, maybe you can set up the new mysterious bed in a quiet corner for naps. For a year or so. Hope for the best, but expect the worst for a couple of weeks.

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  • And what actually happened in my house when I moved Sawyer, my third child, to his new big-boy bed: As a self-proclaimed control freak and mom to three sons, I am fighting a losing battle for order in my home on a daily basis.

    I was pretty smug after the first couple nights in the new bed, but now, it seems, the little kid is winning. Unfortunately, Sawyer saw this drop-off happen and instantly got stars in his eyes about when he could move to a big boy bed. Sawyer is two-and-three-quarters years old. His older brothers moved to their big kid beds around age three.

    We have storage space for the toddler bed.

    Safety of the child should always be the first concern. I believe, after 20 years, of returning children to their beds, that it takes three consecutive days to make a dramatic change if you can remain consistent in returning them to their bed.

    Maybe he was ready. But was I ready? One day later, Alec assembled the toddler bed and unhinged our crib. We get up pretty early on weekdays, so the morning was fine, too. Maybe my memory is already fuzzy. He woke up ten minutes earlier than our allowed wake-up time to use the potty.

    cot into toddler bed Cot into toddler bed

    And it took forever. Once we got over the proper method and timing of waking up according to his rehearsed plan, Sawyer was a happy and proud boy once more.

    He hugged and kissed the donor of the bed when he saw her the next morning at daycare. The rest of the week was pretty good, but then the weekend arrived. On Saturday, he woke up around 6: This is not in accordance with The Rules.

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    On Saturday night, I reminded him about the 7 am thing and that big boys know how to stay in bed. Sunday was a big improvement. These guys want him to stay as bed as much as I do Last night I laid down the law. If I heard any noise and discovered children out of bed after lights out, I would remove all books from the room. And, yep, I did it. I told my whimpering audience that if I had to come back and any child was violating his sleep rules, I would start taking out loveys.

    Can I be consistent and firm but totally kind and encouraging while keeping his cute little butt in bed? When we asked an expert for advice, these were her tips for keeping a young toddler in his new bed. Do you guys have any tips for me?



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