obaby under cot bed drawer Obaby under cot bed drawer

I really liked this cot bed.

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  • You could choose from a variety of colours and the pine finish we trailed would look good in any room. I loved the fact it was a little smaller, yet still had nice curves which gave it real style.

    How does this product make your life easier as a mum? Compact so a great space saver when you have a crazy number of toys cluttering your child's room. The teething rail was great, really useful.

    obaby under cot bed drawer Obaby under cot bed drawer

    If you could change one thing about this product what would it be? All the screws were in the same bag so had to be sorted before starting - time consuming. The instructions were not clear: Not too big but just right size, it looks safe and comfortable. It gives more room in the bedroom, especially if space is limited. I would change the ends to a solid base, not bars. Overall a great colour choice and design. Easy to put together, well-built, good size cot.

    Good solid design and easy and quick to put together, comes with anti-chew bars to keep cot rails from being chewed, nice smooth sleek finish, easy to wipe down if needed.

    Good solid cot without being too heavy and clumsy, which should last until your little one is at least 5 years old, the anti-chew bars on the sides are a great addition so you don't get any teethe marks on the sides. A fantastic lightweight yet sturdy high quality cotbed. Great value for money, easy to assemble and keep clean. Great design and safe with no pointed edges.

    Compact and easy to store and transport if needed. Nice colour and would suite any child. How does this product make your life easier as a dad?

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  • Ensures your little one is safe and secure and has a great night sleep. Have an extension kit to convert to a larger bed for future use. This cot has a nice compact design for smaller spaces and the wood finish is non-offensive.

    This cot bed comes with two different heights, and you can remove the side to convert it to a toddler bed. It is adjustable to two positions and made with solid birchwood and smooth MDF panels.

    I was concerned that should kids jump on the bed which they inevitable do at some point in their lives , the slates might not hold. The cot is designed to fit into smaller spaces so a great space saver and the wood colour meant it would fit in well with most decors. There were also a variety of colour options, all of which looked good If you could change one thing about this product what would it be?

    The drawer was a nice idea, but it was on runners which break easily, wheels are a better option.

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    The drawer also did not seem particularly sturdy and could have done with being a little deeper. This is a well-designed, compact, sturdy cot bed. It has sleek curves at either end and despite being smaller than most cot beds, it still conveys style. The pine finish was great, when looking closely you could see a few streaks, but these weren't noticeable from a distance. The 5 year guarantee gives you piece of mind and the ability to fit it into smaller space was great, as there never seems to be enough space for everything to fit in one room.

    The instructions - not clear at all. I felt you got a lot for your money with this cot bed. It was sturdy and well-designed. The only let down was the drawer - It could have been bigger and being on runners meant it probably wouldn't last as long as the bed itself. When set up, the cot is compact yet stylish.

    I love the idea of the drop bar, and it really is incredibly simple to convert it. Babies and toddlers will love the cute bear design!

    I loved the curvaceous nature of the design and the pine finish. The choice of colour options was good as you could pick to suit your decor.

    The cot itself fits into smaller spaces and there is an under bed storage, great for hiding away the clutter!

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  • Sort the screws into separate bags - took a while for us to sort them before starting to put the unit together. The instructions need to be improved. The pine finish looked good and the sleigh design gave a nice rounded look. The subtle curves, pine finish and compact design mean this fits in brilliantly with the decor in my son's nursery. The variety of colour options means there is likely to be something for everyone and the 5 year guarantee is a great incentive as it gives you piece of mind.

    The drawer is a real let down. It could do with being on wheels rather than runners, deeper and more sturdy.



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