westbury cot bed parts Westbury cot bed parts

And to celebrate I thought I would share a tour of the room. At the moment, Little Mister H sleeps in a bednest in our bedroom. But I love knowing that his room is ready and waiting for him when he is old enough to go in his cot bed.

Before we began decorating, the room was a tip. Although it was our spare bedroom, it was where we hung our laundry out to dry. And it was filled with mismatched furniture, bags of old clothes and storage boxes that needed to go in either our loft or basement. The walls were painted a dull brown colour and the window was covered with a heavy wooden blind. In such a small space this decor made the room dark and depressing. The room needed to be completely transformed before it was ready for our baby boy.

It needed to be tidied, cleaned and we needed to lighten the room and open it up so that it looked bigger. It is exactly as I had imagined it to be and no longer feels small and dark. Instead, it is light, bright and spacious. The white walls and furniture make the room look clean, fresh and modern. Little Mister H is our second rainbow baby and the symbolism of rainbows became hugely important to me during my pregnancy with him.

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I wanted this acknowledged in his room. Primary colours feature heavily too. I like the simplicity and elegance of this cot. But it is also sturdy and well made. And according to Mr H, it was very easy to put together. All the parts were clearly labelled and all smaller parts were packaged in individual bags.

I love the fact that it will last us until Little Mister H is five as it turns into a toddler bed. Yet, because it is from the Urbane Collection is it designed for smaller spaces and does not take up much room. Beautiful mobiles Little Mister H is lucky enough to have two gorgeous mobiles above his cot bed. They are both brightly coloured and look perfect in his rainbow themed nursery.

It is a fabulous store that has some beautiful and stylish nursery accessories. And friends and family agree as the mobile has already received many compliments. Little Mister H was given this cute wooden aeroplane mobile by one of our closest friends. She chose it especially because of the bright colours. She has excellent taste, as always, and I love the way it looks next to the hot air balloon mobile.

And it was my intention to frame this and place it on the wall.

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  • My original plan was to have a papercut. But then I struck upon the genius and really quite lovely idea of getting Little Miss H to paint a picture for her baby brother. She loved this plan and this is what she produced.

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  • Upcycled table My parents bought this table from Africa when they were newlyweds and my father was in the Merchant Navy. It was my bedside table in my room when I was a child. However, as it is made from walnut wood and had a number of scratches, I decided that it needed a makeover.

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  • I had never upcycled a piece of furniture before and was quite nervous. But it was actually very easy. The hardest part was choosing a paint. I am thrilled with how the table looks. It now matches the rest of the nursery and the paint has given this battered piece of furniture a whole new lease of life. If anyone would be interested in me writing a post about this upcycling project then please let me know in the comments.

    The nightlight is super cute and Little Miss H has already got her eye on it. Rainbow bright The rest of the room is filled with colour.

    Low teak 3 drawer early 's unit. Sorley Edwardian mantle clock. Thus allowing clients an enjoyable and reliable on-line shopping experience, safe in the knowledge that any query will be handled professionally and efficiently.

    I have produced a video that gives you a full tour of the room and more information about the nursery decor. The vlog also features the gorgeous Little Mister H and is worth watching for that alone.

    If you like the video then please remember to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

    westbury cot bed parts Westbury cot bed parts

    Not only because I adore what we have done to this small space. But also because this light, colourful and cheerful nursery will soon be home to our sweet baby boy.

    Nearly the whole of the land was brought under cultivation and sub-let to farm tenants. Dressing table with mirror. The views are beautiful the cows give us plenty of entertainment!

    What do you think of my rainbow theme? Hugs Lucy xxxx Disclaimer: I was sent a number of products for the purpose of this post. As always all words, photographs and opinions are my own and I will only write about products that I love and I am happy to recommend.



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