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  • Children's Bedding Children's Bedding Finding the right kind of bed linen for your child can definitely be a challenge. As your child's sense of style starts to come into its own, they may express preferences that affect your choice of children's bedding. Finding kids' bedding, sheets and even a bed canopy for your kids' beds can be a fun way to involve your child in the process of creating a room that reflects their personality, without having to spend too much money or compromising on style.

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    What comes in a child's bedding set? Just like bed linen for an adult, children's bedding usually includes a duvet, pillows, blankets, and mattress toppers. Duvet covers, sheets and pillow cases are particularly important for a child's bedding, since they can help protect the more expensive parts of the bedding from stains and wear.

    A mattress topper helps protect the mattress from stains and wear as well. Most mattress toppers are available in cotton for easy washing, while a waterproof mattress protector will help to keep the mattress dry. All of these are great precautions for younger children especially, who may still be prone to accidents in the night.

    What material should my kids' bedding be? A child's skin is still more sensitive than that of an adult, so kids' bed linen that is soft, but can still withstand a lot of wear and tear, is ideal.

    jungle cot bed bedding uk Jungle cot bed bedding uk

    Most duvets, blankets and sheets are made of cotton which are kind to skin, especially with a higher thread count. Duvets with a lower tog are suitable for children, as they can stay warmer under a light duvet. Pillows with more down are a softer option than pillows with feathers, while a memory foam pillow will offer bespoke support for an older child or teenager.

    If your child has allergies or asthma, look into hypoallergenic materials, and avoid any type of kids' bedding sets that use feathers for filling. Latex pillows and mattresses are a good anti-allergy solution, while eco-friendly and organic bedding options are usually made without using harsh chemicals or dyes, which can hurt sensitive skin.

    All of the materials used in this product are good quality and my daughter likes that the elephant on the coverlet has a flappy ear. Generation Four[ edit ] These pets have molds that more closely resemble the style of the TV show.

    Synthetic blends tend to contain more chemicals and fabric treatments, don't wear as well and can be also highly flammable. What style children's bedding should I look for? Kids' bedding in a classic style can be well-suited to interior decor that's more traditional. Features, colours and patterns that echo themes throughout the home will keep the children's bedroom looking cohesive with the rest of the house.

    Sheets and duvet covers in a neutral colour scheme is fit for both boys' bedding and girl's bedding, and will allow the rest of the room to transition around it. There's still plenty of opportunity to bring your child's personality into their room, for example by fitting a bed canopy - this can be styled to look like anything from an explorer's tent to a princess bed canopy. There are a wide range of children's bedding designs that are striking and engaging, and could encourage creativity with bright colours and bold patterns.

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  • If you have an outgoing child, furnishing their bed with duvet sets and blankets in neon stripes, big polka dots, and other graphic patterns might perfectly encapsulate their character and create a space they love spending time in.

    There might be a single theme your child is captivated by - perhaps horses, aquariums or a particular cartoon. Children's interests do tend to change frequently, so bedding sets are the perfect way to incorporate a theme into a child's bedroom without having to redecorate the whole room every so often. By choosing duvet covers, bed sheets and pillow cases that feature their favourite characters, your kids can go to bed surrounded by what they love while making your life easier if the theme needs refreshing.

    Browse through a variety of styles, materials, and sizes here, along with information on where to purchase them.



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