cot bed reviews 2015 Cot bed reviews 2015
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  • From the sleeping bags to the clocks, their products are great and we have long been fans. We were sent a Gro To Bed set to review and have been putting it to the test over the past month.

    cot bed reviews 2015 Cot bed reviews 2015

    First of all, the Gro Company products are always beautifully packaged. I love the design of the packaging and the amount of relevant information, regarding the product, displayed on the outside.

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  • It really helps to reinforce your decision to buy. The Gro To Bed set comes with two separate items. The sheet, with the built in pillow case, and the duvet cover.

    Rather than having to haul myself out of bed to check if Ferris wanted a feed, a blurry-eyed look across does the job. How do you make a floor bed? I also discontinued using Dovobet and cold tar soap.

    On the sheet and duvet cover there are two halves of a zip. One on the sheet and one on the duvet.

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  • They connect together so, effectively, you zip the sheet to the duvet. It makes it impossible to kick the duvet off and makes it almost as hard to fall out. The pillow is fixed in place and the whole thing secured to the bed with a clever elastic holder. A warm and secure toddler is much more likely to sleep right through.

    cot bed duvet and pillow case

    The fact that they are zipped in helps to keep them secure and make them feel more comfortable as well. How clever is that?!

    Our co-sleeping journey Ten years ago, when The Big One was born, the midwives at the hospital showed me how to feed her lying down on my side. Seeing our Snuzpod all ready to go was the first time I could properly visualise bringing our baby home to his crib. We are now looking at a wardrobe too.

    My only criticism would be the lack of choice when it comes to the Gro To Bed colours and patterns. There are only two to choose from.

    cot bed reviews 2015 Cot bed reviews 2015

    It would be nice to see some plain colours and a unisex option. All in all, the Gro To Bed set is a great first duvet set that will see your child through to when they are ready to use a standard duvet set. For more info click here.



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