cot bed guide pin Cot bed guide pin

When I say big girl bed it is actually her cot bed with all the sides off.

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  • Whilst she still fits in well at the moment she is quite big so I know in the not so distant future we will need to look at single beds for her. This pale mint and wood bed from Danish brand Flexa is just divine. So simple and stylish yet in the loveliest sorbet shades. Also, if you are expecting, check out their beautiful cots. Classic When choosing for Molly I really wanted a classic metal bed but in a lovely colour.

    cot bed guide pin Cot bed guide pin

    They do a version with a pull out guest bed which would be ideal for sleepovers. There were cars, dens and even ones with slides. I was gutted I never got one of those.

    cot bed guide pin Cot bed guide pin

    Going on this reasoning I should probably be buying the girls some amazing creation and this Tipi bed is completely fabulous as is this house bed btw. Cuckooland is a fab place to peruse amazing beds. Oh and my new favourite discovery, Flexa, do do a slide bed.

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  • If you want more novelty then they can sail off on their adventures in this fun boat bed. With lovely nautical colours and styling I think it would become a favourite addition to any kids room. I had a Stompa bunk bed as a kid and the quality is fantastic. This version has all sorts of add ons from drawers, to desks to play tents. Yes it is more pricey but you can get a lot of furniture in one.

    The Ikea Kura bed is ingenious.

    While your cot is still inside out lay it out flat creating points with your corners; line your side seams up with the bottom seam. It is also incredibly bright, and I have occasionally had to drape towels over it in attempt to provide darkness to nap in bright spaces.

    Simply by flipping it over it can go from a low bed to a high bed. I have spotted an unbelievable amount of Ikea hacks for this too so take a peek on Pinterest if you want some inspiration.

    It can be painted, decorated, turned in to a house, have the mattress on top, on the bottom. Storage This Locker trundle bed has a great industrial styling but is packed full of hidden storage. It has a large drawer underneath that can also be used as a spare bed and little shelves hidden in the headboard which are perfect for treasures or just hiding clutter.

    Also from Ikea is my absolute favourite day bed.

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    This design has been around for a while I had one in my late teens! It also now comes in some lovely shades like this pale grey. The bed pulls out to make a double which is perfect for if you have guests or even if your child is unsettled in the night. Saves you sleeping on the floor!

    It also has three huge storage drawers which is great if you are short on space. One word of warning on Ikea is the sizing as you will need their mattresses and often their sheets too. However, if you are feeling inspired then Design Confidential have a fabulous tutorial you can follow.

    Or you could opt for a ready made version from Cuckooland if you prefer! Do share pictures if you give it a go. Are you thinking about moving your little one in to a new bed soon? Or have you spotted any great beds I should add to my consideration list for Alice? I spent far too long dreaming of some of their pieces. Lottie loves teaching her girls to be cake baking and crafting supremos.

    Follow Lottie on instagram buttercreamanddreams.

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