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  • An important part of establishing good sleeping habits is the sleep environment — where your child sleeps, the kind of crib or bed, the type of mattress, and so on. Creating a safe sleep environment will also reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome SIDS , which is when a baby younger than one year of age dies unexpectedly while sleeping.

    Putting your baby to sleep on his back reduces the risk of SIDS. The Canadian Paediatric Society recommends that babies under one year of age sleep on their backs in cribs that meet Canadian Government safety standards. Adult beds are not safe for babies. Many large-scale studies have shown that bedsharing can put babies at greater risk for entrapment and suffocation.

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    If you want your baby to be near you during the night, you can put a crib in your room, next to your bed. This is called cosleeping.

    cot bed eiderdown Cot bed eiderdown

    Many mothers find that this makes night-time breastfeeding easier. This type of sleeping arrangement may also further reduce the risk of SIDS. Foam wedges or towel rolls to keep babies on their side should not be used.

    Infants should never sleep on pillows, air mattresses, waterbeds, cushions, soft materials or loose bedding. Even when you are travelling, your baby must have a safe place to sleep. A baby should sleep in a room that is quiet, dark and at a slightly cool temperature. Keep your baby away from cigarette smoke. Babies whose mothers smoked during pregnancy, and babies who continue to be exposed to smoke after birth are at an increased risk of SIDS.

    Never nap or sleep with your baby or let your baby sleep alone on a couch, sofa or armchair.

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  • This increases the risk of suffocation. Place your baby to sleep on his back on a firm, flat surface. Establish a calming bedtime routine that is consistent and predictable.

    cot bed eiderdown Cot bed eiderdown

    Try to keep nap times and bedtime the same every day, even on weekends. Set aside 10 min to 30 min to do something special with your baby before bed. Allow infants to fall asleep on their own so that they can learn to comfort themselves.

    Naturally the person with the most decadent bed of all was the most noble woman of all, The Queen. This light-as-air down is encased in beautiful thread count German batiste.

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