buy cot bed online india Buy cot bed online india

I recently ordered a couple of recliners on Chrismas Eve and expected to be delivered by Jan 10 or so. To my surprise, I got a call from the delivery person that the product has reached the nearest hub and will be delivered by afternoon. That is on Jan 1 today.

buy cot bed online india Buy cot bed online india

Meanwhile, my neighbors started some construction work. It was after when I paid for the order on Chrismas.

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  • They stood up some poles adjacent to our building which were blocking the already narrow stairway. Realising this, I called the customer care to suggest a delay in delivery until next day and asked them to prepare the delivery guys such that they could lift the product using a pulley because stairway may not fit the dimensions of the product. It is done before, there are videos on the YouTube for these exact situations.

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  • Shouldn't be difficult for any decent furniture-delivery companies. Also, this is only one option, there will be many that I don't know of but the delivery guys might.

    Also includes teething rails for added safety and the updated dropside feature, which locks at the top and bottom in line with new regulations. We would not hesitate to give an unequivocal recommendation of you and your furniture to any one. The Darlington cot requires a x60cm mattress which is available separately.

    My conversation happened with a lady from Pepperfry Customer care, who, first-of-all, is not ready to let me complete my sentences. She often brought up that this problem is not something Pepperfry deals with and implied that it's the problem between the customer and delivery guys. She was not even ready to take a suggestion to send pulley-lift with the delivery guys. She also denied to taking my concern and forwarding the message to delivery guys, if at least, Pepperfry can't solve this.

    She was also criticising my idea that the product will get damaged if we do so, and said that Pepperfry was not going to bare this damage.

    A cherry on the top, even if I am not able to get the product inside my home after paying upfront in full, I can't even Cancel the product. First of all, I didn't order and pay upfront to cancel the product but if this problem prevents me to get a home-delivery as expected , Cancelling is the last option.

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    And they take away that option as well from me. At this point, the Customer Care executive even suggested that they could deliver the product to anywhere nearby location, indirectly implying to shift my house.

    What is the point of having bought a furniture and put it in the neighbor's house just because delivery is easier to their place? I ordered sometimes from Pepperfry before. After this shocker of an experience, which is not complete yet, I am seriously scared that there might not be value for my money and loyalty with Pepperfry.

    I don't care about the crappy conversation with the Customer Care executive. I just want this product delivered safely and reasonably soon. All I wanted for them to do was to talk to the delivery guys and explain them about the limitations of my location and come up with something cleverer than usual so I could enjoy my furniture. Instead, they were threatening me that they will leave the product on the ground floor and leave, and I have to make my own arrangements.

    I am so disappointed that being a Customer "CARE" executives, they are not even concerned with my worries, especially when I can't cancel the order.

    buy cot bed online india Buy cot bed online india

    I even agreed to pay the delivery guys extra money for having gone through some tricky but successful delivery. But those customer care people seem to be interested in reading the conditions and reminding that it is not their responsibility and ending the conversation. At least they are not giving me any information whether my concerns are passed on or not. Some of your customer care executives need manners to at least understand customers' difficulties and try to help and at least pretend to care, by sharing of any developments of the requests raised time-to-time.

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