cot bed duvet size uk Cot bed duvet size uk

Very happy with these. They do the job perfectly well. Lately it was bothering her that her duvet moved when she was turning over, leaving a gap and a draught!

She is now VERY happy that she doesn't get cold at night. The clips are VERY easy to fit if you follow the simple instructions. It has definitely stopped the duvet being pushed off as much - so fewer nighttime wakings!!!!

The flap that is meant to hold the duvet in place,is a peice of rubber that is far too flexible, meaning the slightest movement of the duvet and it just comes off. Why have I waited until now to get these. I have tied the elastic now so it can still be used. This holds the duvet cover very well! It prevents the duvet from falling on one side on the bed and my 4YO daughter from completely removing the covers.

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  • Very easy to fit. These seem ideal but are not suitable for a cot bed sadly! So, I'm saving them for his single bed and got a spare set for him staying at Granny's house in a single bed.

    Peace of mind of cosy boy! I used two sets, one towards the bottom and one about a third down from the top. No more sleepless nights: Our 2 year old son was kicking his covers off times a night and shouting us to come and snuggle him up He hasn't done it once since we got the clips.

    He has a toddler bed and it fits fine, slips between the mattress and base of the bed. Thank goodness we ordered them. My daughter is 4 and a major wriggler in bed. Every night she wriggles out of her quilt, gets cold and wakes everyone up with her crying.

    Since we've had these clips and I bought 2 sets to be certain we could keep the quilt in place , she only manages to wriggle free on average once a week. This is a huge improvement and we are finally getting proper nights' sleep! Does not fit properly. One for grandparents and one for us. They are perfect for holding a duvet in place when your little one moves to their first big bed.

    I bought thud for my toddlers duvet on his toddler size bed. The duvet gas not fallen off the bed since and they are very easy to use. Big smiles in the morning for me and my toddler: Actually quite a fiddle to out on and think a clip either side would be easier.

    They work their magic, totally recommend them and I am not waking up through the night to cover him anymore! I just wrapped it around the base of the cot a few times to shorten it.

    cot bed duvet size uk Cot bed duvet size uk

    No more cold nights as my toddler kept throwing his blankets out the cot!!! Zip up cosy bags would be unzipped and again thrown out the cot!!!! Thank you for helping solve the dilemma!! The clips at least kept the duvet on the bed enabling said toddler to retrieve the duvet without asking for help in the middle of the night!

    Good swift service from JoJo as usual! I've not seen anything like this anywhere else. Work really well and very easy to attach. My daughter would not keep her duvet on during the night and these have solved the problem. They are a little tricky to attach initially but get easier with practise and leave no marks on the cover. My Son is 8. Was nearly every night that he would wake, duvet thrown all over the place and on the floor! A fidget in bed! I would be called in to sort it out!

    I have also ordered for my other two children! A little fiddly until u get the hang of them but worth it!!

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  • My 3 year old would shout out nearly every night once the covers came off and he got cold but not anymore. Really easy to attach to his single duvet. Would highly recommend if you have a wriggling toddler at night.

    I was desperate to find out a solution. These duvet clips have done the trick.

    cot bed fitted sheets ebay

    I am using them on a 'cot bed' size bed which they are not designed for but I have tied a knot in the middle of the elastic, as recommended by another reviewer, and it works perfectly. I have attached the clips to the lower third part of the duvet so my 4 year old son can easily get out of bed by himself but the duvet does not slip off the bed.

    They work, seem to be sturdy and good quality, so I can recommend these clips and I would buy them again. After enduring months of being woken in the night by our daughter coming out of her covers and getting cold this product was an instant success. Would rate it 10 stars if I could! I have 2 sets now as they are the only thing that keeps my children's duvets in place at night. Simple to use, just feed them under the matress and attach to the duvet at either side.

    However, very pleasantly surprised as this attaches to the duvet without damaging the fabric and has held the duvet firmly on my autistic child's bed. We are both pleased with it! Works as I expect. High recommended to anyone. A great, safe option for keeping your duvet in place for a good night's sleep. Not getting any more wake-ups as a result of my two-year-old having kicked his covers off. They fit well onto his toddler bed and, whilst they securely hold his duvet in place, there's still enough 'give' for him to be able to get out of bed by himself.

    It is also hypo-allergenic, and unlike other types of natural bedding, dust mites, mold, fungus and other microscopic life cannot live in mulberry silk. So if you are still in the moses basket phase, you won't need bedding just yet. The great thing about them is that your baby can't kick them off, which means that he is less likely to wake up because he's feeling too cold.

    They hold the duvet in place well which is great for a wriggly four year old. Had no problems securing them whatsoever. I used them for our childrens beds when they were young. Since then I have used them to secure our electric blankets in the centre to stop them slipping. Recently after a stroke my father 83yrs was unable to keep the duvet over his feet - yet again these clips were invaluable.

    Perfect, no more middle of the night calls as the duvet has fallen off! Excellent, simple to use and has kept my boy snug in bed all night. We already have a set, this purchase was one for our daughter plus a travel set! Not for a young child in this case but my 12 year old son who has struggled for years since switching to a duvet from sheets and blankets.

    The clips have worked perfectly to put an end to restless nights and ongoing complaints about his straying bedcovers! Does exactly what its supposed to! In use on our daughters cot bed just tied a knot in the elastic as other reviewers have. A much cheaper option than replacing the zip in bedding set that we had. Very happy with purchase! They do not have a strong grip, a peg type mechanism would be better. We resorted to putting the cot side back on his bed to stop the covers falling off not because he gets or falls out of bed.



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