cot bed rail argos Cot bed rail argos

Sun Oct 29, 6: Holly is 22months 2 on 23rd of april What it is is she has grown out of her grobag and i was wondering whether to buy her a 1st quilt in smallest tog you can get which is 4. Im so confused at the mo wondering would she be ok in a big bed or is it to soon but a couple of people i know already have their kids sleepin in cotbed without rails on so wondering what you all think Please help me thanks Michelle xxxxxx Mon Feb 23, 9: Tue Sep 02, 9: It seemed a waste of money to get a cabin bed or keep her in a cot when she was ok in a single bed.

We put a bumper on the headboard and folded a blanket as a pillow for her which she still has now but she has a duvet over her.

cot bed rail argos Cot bed rail argos

Sun Apr 13, I considered a single but thought thomas wuld look too tiny in it he was 23 months , so i turned his cotbed into a bed with no rails didnt want to waste money buying one if he didnt fall out anyway. He never sleeps with blankets or anything cos he wont stay under them so instead he sleeps in fleecy zip-up, all-in-one style pyjamas to keep him warm.

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  • Primark do lovely ones, so worth getting a few! Even tho hes in a cotbed, i still got him a normal single size duvet instead of wasting money on cotbed sized.

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    Cos u can lay them width-ways and tuck the excess down the side of the bed anyway. Like i said he never stays under it, but at least its there for comfort anyway. He only ever fell out of his bed a few times, but i always put a bean bag down the side for a soft landing just incase lol.

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    I still sometimes hear him fall out but he just gets back in himself, bless! Hope this helps hun.

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  • Fri Feb 23, 3: Devon David has been in a bed now fro a few months he is in a normal size single bed and has been fine didnt want to waste money on a rail cos i thought if he tried climbing over it he could end up hurting him self more so i just put his cot mattress and soft stuff on the floor next to his bed just in case he fell out but he has only fallen out once and sleeps really well in it x Mon Feb 23, 1: Wed Sep 13, 2: Mon Jan 26, 3: Leeds dd is 22 months and in a big bed with a bed guard.

    She's fine in it. Mon Feb 23, 4: Mon Jan 12, 2: Mon Feb 23, 7: Well Holly has been in her single bed with fold down rail for just over 3wks now, i got a single duvet and she's been fine a couple of times ive checkd her n she looked like she was heading towards the floor but she's been ok. Its been a little freaky wakin seein a little person stood next to me sayin wake up mummy milk milk milk Thu Mar 19,



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