sleeping cot for baby Sleeping cot for baby

Contact Us Co-sleeping with an Eczema Baby: Currently, most child development experts see co-sleeping as an entirely personal decision.

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  • But if your baby has eczema there other things to consider when deciding if co-sleeping is for you. We look at into the pros and cons of co-sleeping with eczema babies and children. In addition, eczema babies often sleep lightly and rouse frequently in the night so having them close by has obvious advantages. Co-sleeping or bed-sharing is when babies or young children sleep in the same bed with one or both parents. It is standard practice in many parts of the world and is practiced by a significant minority in countries where separate cots are also used.

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    Supporters of co-sleeping point to evidence of lower stress in both baby and mother, long-term emotional benefits for children who have co-slept, as well as the practical advantages of easier breast feeding and checking on your little one.

    Opponents emphasise the risks of over-heating and smothering as well as the possibility of the baby falling out the bed. They also point out the difficulty of persuading co-sleeping children to sleep in their own bed yes, in our experience it can be tricky but not impossible! Sensible precautions for safe co-sleeping include sleeping on a firm mattress in a large bed, not using pillows, putting your baby in a sleeping bag on top of the duvet and either having your baby sleep between you or using bed guard.

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  • The Dr Sears website has really sensible, tried and tested advice on safe co-sleeping. Co-sleeping with an Eczema Baby If your baby has eczema, co-sleeping has the additional advantage that you can reduce their scratching by holding their hands away from itchy skin.

    In addition, eczema babies often sleep lightly and rouse frequently in the night so them being in the same bed has obvious advantages for their parents.

    sleeping cot for baby Sleeping cot for baby

    But there are other things to think about. You can minimise scratching damage by holding their hands away. This obvious flip-side of this advantage is that you have to be awake to do this.

    sleeping cot for baby Sleeping cot for baby

    Covering scratchy fingers with ScratchSleeves is an alternative effective option which allows parents to sleep better. Babies tend to sleep longer and cry less if they co-sleep — the incessant eczema itch can mean that eczema babies can find sleeping difficult but sleep is fundamentally important in their development. Co-sleeping may be an effective way to help you eczema baby sleep longer. Some research shows that babies who have co-slept are more self-confident as children, less likely to be afraid of sleep and had fewer behavioural problems.

    We minimised this impact by using a lightweight sleeping bag for our eczema baby, separate light weight duvets for ourselves this left a duvet free space between us for you itchy boy , warmer PJs for ourselves, sleeping with a window open and having a large bed with a firm mattress. Read more on house dust mites as a trigger for baby eczema here. Staying wake to stop you baby scratching means that you will get less sleep.

    When an adult is not in the room with baby keep the drop side of the cot up and locked into position; Keep the cot away from any furniture which an older baby could use to climb out of the cot; Keep the cot away from toiletries and other items such as baby lotion, wipes and nappy sacks which an older baby may be able to reach; Avoid curtains and blinds with cords. Most lactation consultants actually promote the side-lying nursing position as the best for both mum and baby, as it allows mum to keep resting and provides better milk-flow for baby.

    Overtiredness can make it really hard to deal with any baby, let alone an eczema baby. And, as many parents including us will tell you, lack of sleep can really affect your driving. Alternatives to Co-sleeping for Eczema Babies A very similar concept to co-sleeping is placing the cot next to your bed.

    Specialist three-sided co-sleeper cots allow you to keep your baby within arms reach without the worry of the risks associated with co-sleeping.

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  • An alternative solution to minimising night-time scratching damage is to use ScratchSleeves. As with all things related to eczema, every child is different so it will be a case of trial and error to find out what works for your family.

    With a regular crib, most mums retrieve their baby from his crib, and take him into the parental bed to feed. It makes his pulse race.

    Co-sleeping is a very personal choice, but always be very careful and consider all the risks!



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