baby cot with wheels Baby cot with wheels

Babyology comes to the rescue with our guide to choosing the best bed for you and your baby. Start researching early It always pays to start researching bed options as early as possible and be prepared that you may change your mind a few times.

Consider shop delivery times, as the option you choose may not be available when you need it to be.

baby bed

Have a back-up option just in case. Many parents choose this option so that baby feels cocooned in a more womb-like environment than a cot can provide. A bassinet which sways and rocks can also be soothing for a fussy baby.

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  • The size of the room If your nursery is small, a cot needs to fit and still leave space for other furniture. Make a shortlist at the store, then go home and measure the space again before ordering anything. That way you can keep a secure hold of your sleeping baby while you drop the rail on his cot before lowering him into bed.

    Converts to toddler bed Would you like to transition your toddler to a smaller bed before continuing to a larger bed? Many cots come with conversion kits and others have kits you can buy once you need them.

    Please note, if you have non BNPL purchases on your account you will still need to make at least your minimum payment as detailed on your statement. According to Caroline Bettis, nursery buyer at John Lewis , the main advantage of investing in a Moses basket is that "it can be moved from room to room so your baby has its own sleeping place which is fully portable. Wash the bed skirt once a month or so.

    Co-ordinating furniture If you would like a seamless look to the nursery, investigate brands which make co-ordinating change tables, dressers and bookcases. Factor in the cost of a mattress Mattresses are almost always an add-on. Look for adjustable mattress height The cot should have at least two mattress height settings. Teething rails Babies turn into toddlers and many a designer crib has had its rails turned into mincemeat by a bout of teething.

    You can get transparent covers for this stage which will protect your investment.

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  • Cots on wheels Think about whether you want to have a cot with wheels or not. While castors do make it easier to move the cot around, they do also mean that the bed is generally less secure.

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  • Even when the wheels are firmly locked in position, older babies have been known to move their cot by standing on the mattress and shaking the sides of the cot — which can move them into a less safe position in their nursery. Important note This guide is for parents choosing a new cot. If you are choosing a second-hand cot, be sure that the cot meets Australian Standards and that it has not been subject to a product recall.

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    baby cot with wheels Baby cot with wheels



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