baby cot price Baby cot price

Flying with children explained 0m49s Travelling with children should be as easy as possible. This video answers some of the most popular questions including permitted travel items, luggage allowances, food, drink and seating.

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  • Infant, child, or adult? Some airlines use different definitions. Infant 14 days — 2 years old Infants can only fly with an adult. Babies under 14 days old are unable to travel. Child 2 - 15 years old Children under 14 must fly with an adult.

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    Some seats on board the aircraft are restricted but we show you which ones when booking. Simply add the number of children and infants and their ages during the booking process. If you haven't yet bought seats for your family the best way to ensure everyone is seated together is to check in as early as possible.

    Faulkner said driving and other sleep devices don't work for "so many reasons". If you have a second child, you might need to use it as a cot again for them, so you'll might never have a chance to convert it to a bed for your older child after all. They have a lower center of gravity , more mass, a broader base of support and can hold a larger baby than a bassinet.

    Check in opens 30 days before departure and we recommend you check in as early and possible and no later than 7 days before your flight. Whilst our seating system will always try to seat families together, seats are allocated on a first come first served basis so the earlier you check in the more likely you are to be seated together.

    If you leave it to the last minute it's possible that there may not be enough seats left for us to seat your family next to each other. This means changes can only happen on board and we'll have to rely on other customers agreeing to move so young children can be seated with parents which can be stressful and can cause delays.

    baby cot price Baby cot price

    Whilst our seating system will always try to sit you together, seats are allocated on a first come first served basis so the earlier you check in the more likely you are to sit together. Infants have to sit with adults. Your infant can sit on your lap for a fee see Fees and charges.

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  • For safety reasons, only one infant is allowed in each row of three seats. See cabin bag and hold luggage for details.

    baby cot price Baby cot price

    If the infant is occupying their own seat they are allowed a cabin bag plus a changing bag 45x36x20 cm. For every infant or child under 5 you can take up to two of the following items free of charge:



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