baby cot bed mosquito net Baby cot bed mosquito net

In this guide we take you through how best to hang your mosquito net.

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Pull out your net from the stuff sack and spread it onto the bed or floor. This will make it easier to identify the hanging points. Next check for somewhere to suspend your net. You will need to hang your mosquito net from the ceiling or a high place on the wall.

baby cot bed mosquito net Baby cot bed mosquito net

There may already be a hook or a beam where you can easily attach a hook. If you are outside a tree is a good place to secure your net to. Wedge or bell mosquito nets only need one suspension point directly above where your head will be. Ridge nets will need two hanging points in line with each other.

What is it like after the birth? All designed to provide you with essential items as and when you need them the most. Like the double version it is more flexible and will fit a greater variety of beds including camping and fold away beds.

Box nets require four hanging points to allow the net to be hung in a square shape. A hanging kit, which will include hooks and cord, will often come with your mosquito net. If there are no beams or hooks already fixed you will need to screw your own hooks in make sure the hotel or hostel you are staying at allows this!

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If you are finding it difficult make a starter hole with a penknife. Thread a piece of cord through each of your hanging point loops and tie.

If there are no loops you can use a safety pin to attach the cord to your net. Using the cord to attach to the hooks, instead of attached the net directly to the hook will help avoid the material being ripped.

The rest of your net needs to be tucked in underneath your mattress or sleeping mat to ensure no mosquitos will be able to get in. Choosing your Mosquito Net Wedge Mosquito Net A wedge mosquito net is generally the most popular amongst travelers as it is due to its lightweight and portable design.

They are relatively easy to put up as there is only one hanging point.

baby cot bed mosquito net Baby cot bed mosquito net

Ridge Mosquito Net A ridge mosquito net provides more space than a wedge net and is still relatively easy to hang as it only requires two hanging points.

Hanging a ridge mosquito net is very similar to hanging a wedge mosquito net — however you will need to two hanging points up high. Box Mosquito Net A box mosquito net is the hardest to hang as you will need to find four suitable points to hang from. They are however the most spacious the extra space allows for better circulation, especially important in humid countries and are ideal for double beds.

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  • A box mosquito net tends to be a bulkier than the wedge or ridge nets. If you are concerned there will be nowhere to hang your mosquito net take some suction or adhesive hooks which will require no screwing in with you.

    Duct tape is also a useful piece of kit for securing your net to walls or ceilings. You can even use safety pins to attach your net to a curtain if you are really stuck for hanging points!

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  • When hanging be careful not to snag the material with the hooks. You can patch up any holes with safety pins or duct tape.



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