baby cot bed bundles Baby cot bed bundles

This bundle includes books 7 - 9 of the Shifter Squad series.

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  • On a quest to hunt down her mother, Lexi underestimates just how powerful the vampirism in her system has become. Intent on murder, she is instead drawn in by false promises and sweet lies. Katrina rules her nest through intimidation and fear, but she possesses a talent that no other undead creature has ever had before. This makes her far harder to kill than Lexi had anticipated. Reece is going through his own form of torment.

    At the next full moon, Lexi becomes something that has never existed before.

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  • Part wolf, part vampire and part something else, she sets out to confront the mate who abandoned her. Reece Garrett is responsible for her becoming an abomination.

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  • She decides that it is high time he answered for what he did to her. Lexi has faced many difficult challenges since becoming a member of the Shifter Squad.

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    All were apparently designed to teach her the skills she needs to undertake the duty that Fate has given her. As absurd as it may seem, she is destined to save the world. The rival organization known as EERI are somehow involved in the coming threat.

    Reece Garrett is responsible for her becoming an abomination. Choosing nursery furniture is an exciting part of preparing for a new baby.

    Before they can embark on their search, they are sidetracked by a new mission. As they begin to close in on their enemy, a new threat arises that heralds the beginning of the end. Lexi was told that she has all the tools she needs to fight her nemesis, but not even her new speed and strength will be enough to save the life of someone she loves. She and the Shifter Squad must find a way to halt the stone golems and their minions as well as the hordes of zombies and hell spawn that will soon overwhelm the country.

    They have gained friends and allies during their missions who will come to their aid when called.

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    Chosen by Fate to save humankind from annihilation, Lexi must call on every skill that she has acquired during her trials. Even with her army behind her, she despairs that it might not be enough to win a war against the increasing flood of demons that are being unleashed from hell.

    baby cot bed bundles Baby cot bed bundles



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